Course ENG 181.009
Title Environmental Literature
Time/Place T/R 1:00-2:15 Callaway N 204
Instructor Ms. McKenna Rose
Contact email msrose@emory.edu; website mckennarose.org; twitter @ENG181Nature
Office Hours Thursdays 10:00-12:30 in N 205a and by appointment


In English 181.009 we will we do our part to help obstruct the impending environmental crisis via the analysis and production of environmental literature. To this end, we will read and write literature that troubles easy distinctions between insides and outsides to offer a broad range of eco-ethical possibilities. In order to produce your own individual, environmental projects, you will engage with texts in multiple modes from multiple genres, historical periods, and regions in which humans represent themselves and the natural world. The self-writing nature is at the heart of this course because the investigation and production of environmental literature can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of self-nature relations. A more nuanced understanding of self-nature relations is a necessary launching point from which each of us can attempt to redress global climate change, rapid extinction of animal species, resource exploitation, and global degradation.

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